If any questions please call 1-307-883-2226.



Cabins and RV reservations are charged a non-refundable $10.00 deposit per room or RV site, upon making the reservation. 5 or more days will be charged $20.00. 7 or more days are charged 1 day.  This fee will be deducted from your bill at check in.



CABINS: Please check in between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm; check out by 11:00 am.

RV SITE: Please check in between 12:00pm and 9:00 pm;  check out by 11:00 am.  If you need an earlier or later check in, please make arrangements by calling 307-883-2226.  There may be fees for late check outs requiring our housekeeping staff to stay late.


RESPONSIBILITY:  Guests agree that they are responsible for any and all reservations made or held in their name.  For cabins a security deposit of either $150 cash OR a valid credit card is required on all rooms to cover any damages or losses to property.


PORTABLE GRILLS: Cooking on the plastic picnic tables is prohibited, if caught  doing so you will be charged $150.00 which will allow us to replace the table.


SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed in any room.  No exceptions.  Guest agrees to pay a fine of $150 if we determine they have smoked in the room.   


PETS:  FOR CABINS:  Pets are only allowed in specific rooms. THEY ARE NEVER TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME.  A cleaning fee of $25.00 per dog for 1-3 nights  and 4 to 7 days is $50.00 deposit non refundable is charged. These charges are for our maids to strip the rooms completely and put them back together with no signs of dogs staying in our rooms. If there is ANY signs of damages or accidents in the rooms there will be a carpet cleaning fee of $100.00 added to your credit card.  We must do this to keep our rooms clean and nice. Please take care of our rooms so we can continue to except pets in our pet rooms.  Guest agrees that bringing a dog in any non pet room is breaking policy and guest agrees to be charged $150 for doing so.  Pets must be on leash and never left unattended in the cabins or RV park. Any and all damages or injuries incurred will be the owner’s responsibility.  There will be a $50.00 fine if we have to pick up your dog’s droppings.


CABIN CANCELLATION POLICY (off season)  is 72 hours prior to arrival or FULL charges will apply. (Group reservations not included)


1-2 nights reserved*****72 hours

3-4 nights reserved*****4 nights prior to arrival

5-6 nights reserved*****14 days prior to arrival

7 + nights reserved**** see  Group Reservations


GROUP RESERVATIONS--ALL SEASONS:  Anything over 7 nights booked  or family reunions , weddings, etc... is considered a Group Reservation and has special deposit and cancellation requirements. 1 night paid in advance on each room booked with NO! return of the 1 night paid on each room deposit down if cancelled at any time after making reservation. There is a 30 day cancellation notice required on a group rate or any family reunions, weddings, etc... booked. Either as a party or individually booked.


EARLY CHECK OUT:  In the case of early check out of reservation at any time of year, there is No Refunds Given! Unless arrangements have been agreed upon before hand.


RV SITE CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations MUST BE MADE 72 HOURS PRIOR TO SCHEDULED ARRIVAL DATE. If not all reservations will result in Full reservation charge.  No refunds for early departures.


DISCLAIMER:  Use of our any of our facilities, including but not limited to Picnic and Recreation zones, are at guests own risk.  We are not responsible for loss of property or injury.  Fireworks are not allowed, and fires at the fire pit must be completely extinguished by 10:00 pm. Thank You for staying with us.

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